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Shark feeding. Beqa Lagoon. Fiji . September 2009

With a Dräger Dolphin  rebreatherDiving the Kalai

PADI Master Scuba Diver, CMAS/FEDAS CMAS 3 Stars, Nitrox Diver, Tek 40, Sidemount Diver, Full Cave Diver.

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Logbook Documents

1 Rigging: Halcyon wing for open water oceanic dives. My personal gas supply, BCD, weights and more. 8 Tables. Conversions, Tanks, Deco, MOD, EAD, Nitrox and many more custom tables.
2 Rigging: Spring fin straps for Mares Avanti 4. DIY project. 9Dive Sites & Maps. Diving the Canary Islands. From Sergio Hanquet book.
3 Rigging: Lamp holders, Goodman handles. DIY projects. 10 Hot diving spots in Gran Canaria Landsat Maps & GPS Coordinates.
4 Rigging: Left Handed Reel. A modified Omer 100 spear gun reel. 11 Fish Cards. From the Canary Islands, the Red Sea, Indian Ocean & more.
5 Rigging: Stage Tank. A 5 l. stage tank 12 History: The Alfonso XII: Sinking & Wreck Recovery. (617 Kb.)
6 Photography: Wide Angle Converter Adapter. Sea&Sea (58mm. Thread) to Canon WP DC1 UW case. 13 Technology: Rebreather Types. (1.730 Kb.)
7 Hooking the Wreck. Mooring info from people who do wreck diving off their own boats.  

Documents in Adobe Acrobat .PDF format.

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All pictures, but the two last ones, by Eduardo Grandío

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Wadi Gimal. Southern Red Sea. December 2007

Fishes, Corals & Sharks. Southern Red Sea. October 2006

UW Yucatan: Akumal Cenotes and Holbox Whale Shark. September 2006

Digital Fotosub Beginner Album

Traveling around. General lmages Collection (no underwater)

Okavango 2088. 7000 Km. in Southern Africa

My Logbook

1 Dives (HTML table) 7 Logbook: Address Book. (Acrobat PDF 81 Kb.)
2 Logbook: Stats. (Acrobat PDF 1.782Kb.) 8 Logbook: Dive Incidents: lessons for life. (Acrobat PDF 545 Kb.)
3 Logbook: Dives 1 to 777. (Up to 2011). (Acrobat PDF 5.344 Kb.) 9 Logbook Template (Corel Draw .CDR file, 217 Kb.)
4 Logbook: 2011 Dives (Acrobat PDF 4.746 Kb.) 10 Logbook Template (Acrobat .PDF file, 214 Kb.)
5 Logbook: 2012 Dives (Acrobat PDF) 11 Logbook List Template (Corel Draw .CDR file, 41 Kb.)
6 Logbook: Certification Cards & Insurance Cards. (Acrobat PDF 725 Kb.) (Private area) 12 Logbook List Template (Acrobat .PDF file, 27 Kb.)

My personal digital Logbook.

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Uwatec Data Trak Software

1 Dives (.LOG Uwatec, .ZIP file, 272 Kb.) 3 Data Trak Utility 8.25 (.ZIP file, 109 Kb.)
2 Data Trak 3.05 (.ZIP file, 984 Kb.) 4 WXTide40 (.ZIP file, 1606 Kb.)
Programs for Uwatec computers, personal logbook data and tidal prediction.


1 Eduardo Personal Waypoints (. ZIP file, 21 Kb.) 4 Google Map (Centered at home)
2 Tracks (.ZIP file, 6114 Kb.) 5 Real time ships around home. AIS data from
3 Program (.EXE setup, 5385 Kb.)
Some GPS related files for download.


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1 Delicious links for eduardograndio 4 The Mother of All Maritime Links: Contents
2 Old Eduardo Personal Links 5 GPS A. Franco. University of Córdoba (Spain)
3 The Deco Stop . Tek scuba forum 6 Ancient Pictures from the Canary Islands
Diving, boats, GPS & more...

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